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JW Bell has been serving the industrial sector for nearly 100 years; and during that time, we've seen it all. That's why you will observe an emphasis on quality service while working with JW Bell.

We offer a vast array of line boring machine services for your needs. You could hire our team to take care of some machining for you. Or, we could help supply you with the parts to start your own machine shop. We're ready to help you with whatever it is you'd like to get done.

What Is a
Line Boring Machine?

Once a hole has been cast or drilled, a line boring machine is then used to enlarge it to the job's specs. Boring machines also come equipped with various bits for many different applications. 

If you'd like a boring machine to go on your factory line, we can help you with that.



Ask us about our equipment sales and rental program. Our team has a huge range of skills that make them useful for nearly any business out there. We are continuously making parts for our customers, so they may maintain existing equipment.

We can help you outfit your factory with all new machines to get it up and running. We can also determine what's wrong with your current equipment and send you replacement parts.

JW Bell has a solution for nearly any boring-related issue you've got.

Buying a Line Boring Machine

Regardless of if you're using it at your factory or remotely, buying a boring device makes it easier for you to take care of operations.

A new piece of equipment would supply higher power to take care of most jobs. If needed, we also offer payment plans for your new equipment.

Financing the equipment reduces the monetary burden on your organization. Not all companies have the funds to secure heavy equipment without outside financing. We are very familiar with companies that have used outside financing to close the deal.


Portable Line Boring Machines

One of our most popular options are portable line boring machines. These machines allow you the mobility to use the machine on all jobs, regardless of their location.

For businesses that have a small amount of boring to do here and there, a single portable piece will most likely do the trick. This way, you're able to handle boring assignments anywhere you go.


Are you an entrepreneur trying to launch a new product? If so, we'd love to help get your startup off the ground by prototyping your ideas. Our factories are made to easily swap manufacturing methods. As such, we're able to help clients by creating prototypes of ideas when they're inventing.

Prototypes allow you to see how your ideas would work in real life before you test anything. Having prototypes also make it easier to secure funding from potential funding partners. You'd be able to show them what your product would look like if you went full scale. Plus, you could even show them how the device works, so they can examine its mechanics.

Demonstrating ideas by showing people a prototype makes them a lot more substantial. To the common person, an idea may as well be imaginary until you've built a prototype. They're then able to conceptualize what you're creating when you've got something to show in front of them.

Equipment Rentals

Buying boring equipment makes a lot of sense for plenty of companies; and we're able to set them up with a piece of equipment that's going to last. Plus, it's going to deliver better results than nearly anything else on the market.

However, we've got another option for companies that aren't in need of boring equipment long term. 

We'll help you out by letting you rent one of them from us, so you can use it on your own time. Renting the equipment is more affordable than buying it outright. The money required to purchase a machine will instead remain in your pocket.

If you've got a job that needs a boring bit, we've got them available for rent. We'd love to help you get everything together, so you're production line works smoothly.

Your Trusted Line Boring Team

We're able to help with everything from portable boring machines to larger purchases. We've helped industrialists outfit their factories with quality equipment for over 99 years. Our service offerings continue to widen, and we've delivered on all promises to our customers. You can rely on JW Bell to go to the lengths necessary to fulfill our promises to you.

Are you in need of some boring equipment?

Give JW Bell a call today to speak with someone about scheduling
a free consultation.

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