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 Are you building a foundation, drilling a well, or making blast holes? There are many reasons you might need a drilling rig. 


Surface drill rigs are not created the same, and you can choose one depending on your needs and the kind of terrain the machine will be working on. In partnership with Sandvik drilling, JW Bell provides an excellent line of equipment to help clients in different industries, from construction, excavation, and mining.


Discover custom-engineered machines that will prove helpful in specific industry settings. Your search ends here if you are looking for the best drill machine for industrial use with specific capability.

What is a Surface Drill?

A surface drill or drilling rig refers to a machine that creates holes in the ground. The rig operates at the ground level while the drill penetrates the earth's crust. You can use the machine to drill water wells, extract natural gas, install subsurface utilities, test geological features, and draw mineral deposits. Surface drill rigs come in different sizes ranging from light manual devices operated by one person to massive facilities.

What is the Process of Drilling?

The process begins with choosing a suitable location and obtaining the necessary permit. Then a qualified professional come to the site with a drilling machine. In rotary drilling, for instance, a technician hooks the drill bit onto the pipe or drill spring. The drill string is subjected to rotation to make the bit cut into the ground. Meanwhile, the cuttings will be flushed out of the drill hole to the surface. A durable plastic pipe or steel casing comes in handy to line the drilled hole, so it doesn't cave in or get contaminated by surrounding elements.

Certain wells drilled into gravel operate under high flow rates. Such applications demand the installation of a good screen at the casing's bottom to prevent the gravel from coming into contact with water. Lastly, the space between the casing and drill hole sides is filled with grout. This helps to block out contaminants that may seep into the well.

Surface drill rigs for horizontal drilling have an engine, pumping mechanism, hydraulic systems, and a structural frame. On the other hand, directional drilling rigs are movable and can be mounted on trailers and trucks. Depending on the diameter and length of the bore, engineers can use either light rigs or heavy rigs. Light rigs can drill holes of up to 36 inches in diameter and 3,000 ft in length. Heavy rigs can bore diameters of up to 60 inches and lengths of about 10,000 ft.


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What Is Drilling Equipment Used For?

Numerous jobs require the use of drilling equipment. Here's an overview.

  • In quarries (blast hole drilling)

  • Accessing oil or groundwater (drilling wells)

  • Maintaining borehole walls with drill cuttings (continuous flight augering)

  • Reinforcing unstable ground (pile drilling)

  • Supporting existing and structure (micro-pile drilling)

  • Accessing earth's heat (geothermal drilling)

What Are the Types of Drilling Equipment?

You can choose the best drill machine for industrial use based on the type of technology it uses. The most popular drilling technologies include down-the-hole and top hammer drilling. Take a read.

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Down-the-hole Drilling

In this form of drilling, the rigs use a rotary cutter and pneumatic hammer. The materials are excavated to the surface through the pressure created by compressed air. Down-the-hole rig makes an excellent rock drilling machine thanks to its relatively high power. It is also used in geothermal drilling and artesian wells, where water springs naturally due to groundwater pressure.

One of the best Sandvik drilling machines that use a down-the-hole rig is a diesel-powered Leopard DI550 which can be operated on multiple sites. Most construction contractors trust the machine because of its smaller footprint and excellent mobility. Featuring a fixed boom, drill pipe changer, Unobstructed component layout, and operator's cabin, the crawler-mounted rig is ideal for quarrying operations and DTH blast-hole drilling. Its 24.4 m³ compressor works at 24-bar pressure, while a 328kW diesel engine allows it to match perfectly with a 5" DTH hammer.

With optimal power utilization, Leopard DI550 saves energy and costs, making it one of the most economical drill rigs. Besides high productivity, the operator environment is top-notch, offering seamless interaction between man and machine. An automated system handles the controls while the operator takes care of drilling.


Top Hammer Drilling

Top hammer drilling usually works for small-diameter drills such as setting up tie rods in rock and mineral extraction. It can also use the percussion system though outside the borehole. The rigs work in whichever direction, especially in shallow boreholes, due to a substantial deviation of the ground being drilled. If you need a surface miner for construction projects, open-pit mines, and pre-spilt drilling in extensive quarries, check out Pantera DP1500i.

The diesel-powered hydraulic rig from Sandvik drilling has the highest power of all the other machines in its class. With Pantera DP1500i, you can bore holes 3.5 to 6 inches in diameter. It is one of the latest generation drill rigs; it penetrates better and provides a wide array of data, e.g., the work done and the drill's condition. It features high-quality visibility, clever drilling parameter settings, and an advanced safety cabin (ROPS/FOPS certified). Expect more uptime hours, smooth operation, fuel economy, and true power.

Another benefit of the top hammer Pantera DP1500i is the ease of maintenance, thanks to a hassle-free component setup. A touchscreen interface facilitates convenient operation with new drilling functions, including troubleshooting options. Talk to JW Bell experts if you need to customize the rig to meet special requirements for your project.


Other Types of Drilling Technologies

a) Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling utilizes a heavy rotating tool to grind rock. The application is more suited for oil production.


In this case, the excavated materials are moved to the ground top with the help of fluid pressure inside the drill string. The drilling fluid reinforces the borehole walls, eliminating the need to case it while the machine is at work.

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b) Auger boring

Rotary drilling utilizes a heavy rotating tool to grind rock. The application is more suited for oil production.


In this case, the excavated materials are moved to the ground top with the help of fluid pressure inside the drill string. The drilling fluid reinforces the borehole walls, eliminating the need to case it while the machine is at work.

c) Core Drilling

d) Pipe Jacking

This method is more appropriate for the installation of horizontal pipes. In pipe jacking, the tube is gradually pushed by percussion.


The excavated materials are removed in the end by an auger or water injection. This technique combats transmission vibrations that may affect the surrounding structures. It also eliminates the need for digging up trenches.

It utilizes the same concept of rotary drilling but has an interior crown (core) for extracting a sample.


Our intelligent surface drill rigs bring the latest technology to surface mining applications. They are designed to work effectively in the toughest conditions to meet the demands of mining and rock excavation industry. This is why we invest heavily in research and development delivering true power with absolute precision through the latest technical innovations, creating the best rigs in the business. 



Leopard™ DI550 diesel-powered, down-the-hole (DTH) drill has excellent mobility, a smaller footprint and the ability to serve multiple sites. It is a machine trusted by mining and construction companies, and contractors engaged in pre-split and regular production blasthole drilling.



Pantera™ DP1500i is a hydraulic, diesel-powered, self-propelled top-hammer drill rig, and is the ideal choice for production or pre-split drilling in large quarries or open pit mines and construction sites.  It drills holes with a diameter of 89 to 152 millimeters (3 ½ to 6 inches).


Sandvik has a complete offering range of rock tools for the mining and construction industries. We control the entire production chain – from raw material and powder production to finished buttons. All our products and services are developed based on decades of research, experience and customer collaboration to ultimately help drive productivity and efficiency.



Sandvik trucks are designed to transport rock material safely, efficiently and reliably in extreme conditions. 

Reasons to Make JW Bell Your Number One Drilling Equipment Provider

There's a lot to gain when you invest in JW Bell drill rigs. Avoid generic drilling devices on the mass market and choose intelligent surface drilling machines instead. We bring the latest technology in surface mining, rock, and underwater drilling.


Our partnership with Sandvik enables us to supply facilities curated to work even in the most challenging conditions. We can help you meet any demands, be it in the excavation or mining industry.  Our focus on research development enables us to deliver genuine power, absolute precision, and technical innovations for drill rigs.


When you choose a drill through us, we'll assist you with maintenance tips and offer excellent support services. Fill in our online contact form for all your drilling inquiries. Call JW Bell today if you need a drill rig tailored to your company's needs.


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If you have any questions about our range of surface drilling rigs, please don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our experienced and qualified team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.